Kotlin/Java for Android App Development

Before starting the comparison let me have some obvious questions that come in our mind while moving to another language.

  1. Why should we go for a new language if already something is therefrom years?
  2. What should be our parameters to choose the language?
  3. How big is the community who is behind it?
  4. How much time requires learning?
  5. Is the study material available enough?
  6. Who all are adopting?
  7. Last but not least is this official for a specific platform?

Here are the answers :

  1. Being a software professional we should never stick to a language if some new languages are giving some better features so we should go for it.
  2. In my opinion, the parameter should be:
    A) Performance
    B) Accessibility
    C) Concise.
    D) Security
    E) Maintainability
    F) Productivity
    G) Migration from an existing language
  3. We need to see who is behind the language and how is their support behind our development tools which we are using.
  4. It is very important to know how complex is the language to learn because we cant spend more time to learn a new language if we are already associated with work in the workplace.
  5. We need to see how much material available for learning the new language.

Now let me tell you some key points about kotlin, And I will leave up to you to adopt or not.

  1. Kotlin is the official language for android development.
  2. Kotlin is more concise we can write codes in very fewer lines in compare to java.
  3. Kotlin and Java are interoperable so you can have java classes and kotlin classes in the same android application.
  4. Kotlin is also a JVM dependent language, You are already familiar with JVM.
  5. You need not write code from scratch for the existing projects, You can have old code as it is and new module you can start in kotlin.
  6. You write less code in kotlin as compare to java so it is easy to maintain.
  7. Better support for architectural components/jetpack of android.
  8. Using Coroutines get rid of boilerplate code for API calls(Background work).
  9. No null pointer exception due to null safety.
  10. Better support for functional programming.
  11. It makes android development much easier.
  12. Code is much readable as compare to java, human-friendly keywords.
  13. Its been created to boost our productivity.
  14. It is add on in java all the features are available in kotlin which is there in java.
  15. Are we talking about demand? Then Java currently spanks Kotlin in demand.

Companies who use kotlin:



They both compile down to the JVM. They both can use the same set of APIs and create the same applications in either. The only thing is mobile development is looking for is app performance, So performance-wise Kotlin is better for android development. If you are not planning to move now from java to kotlin than wait until google forces you to move the same as it did in eclipse to android studio.




Senior Android App Developer | Startup | Product base | Java | Kotlin | MVVM | Architecture components | Android Blogger

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Aalishan Ansari

Aalishan Ansari

Senior Android App Developer | Startup | Product base | Java | Kotlin | MVVM | Architecture components | Android Blogger

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