1. Resizing and Scaling
  2. Center Cropping
  3. Rotation and Transformation
  4. Setting the Placeholder and Error images
  5. Fading
  6. Disk and Memory Caching
  7. Priority Requests
  8. Support for Request cancellation and parallel downloading
  1. Picasso and glide are 90% the same.
  2. Picasso uses context in with parameter but glide uses context as well as Activity/Fragments context which is very useful for sync with the lifecycle of components.
  3. The image quality of Picasso is good because of default bitmap format ARGB_8888 while Glide uses RGB_565 so comparatively low quality.
  4. Glide takes half of the memory as taken by Piccasso that's why image quality is a bit low while comparing to Piccasso.
  5. Picasso downloads full image and lets the CPU fit in an image view. but on the other hand glide download only sized image accordingly image view size.
  6. Anyway you can change the behavior of Picasso to do the same with resize() command.
  7. But the problem is you need to manually calculate the ImageView’s size. Or if your ImageView has the exact size (not set to wrap_content), you can simply do like this.
  8. The default disk caching concepts of Picasso and Glide are quite different. From the experiment, the same Full HD image is loaded into ImageView with Picasso and Glide. When I checked the cache folder, it appears that Glide cached the ImageView-size (768x432 pixels) while Picasso cached the full-size one (1920x1080 pixels).
  9. An ability to load GIF Animation to a simple ImageView might be the most interesting feature of Glide. And yes, you can’t do that with Picasso.
  10. And since Glide is designed to work perfectly with Activity/Fragment’s lifecycle so the animation would be automatically paused and resumed along with Activity/Fragment’s state.
  11. The way Glide caches are still the same, resized first and then cached.
  12. Another feature that might be useful of Glide is you can configure the way image appears with an Animator (R.animator) while Picasso could do only one animation, fading in.






Senior Android App Developer | Startup | Product base | Java | Kotlin | MVVM | Architecture components | Android Blogger

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Aalishan Ansari

Aalishan Ansari

Senior Android App Developer | Startup | Product base | Java | Kotlin | MVVM | Architecture components | Android Blogger

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