Ds & Algo Interview Questions for android developers Part 6 of. N

I Have taken most of the questions from people’s interview reviews from glassdoor and combining them in one place.

Basic programs:

  1. WAP (Write a program) for the alphabet test?
  2. WAP for Armstrong number?
  3. Character count in the string?
  4. WAP to find Factorial of a given number?
  5. WAP to find fibonacci series?
  6. WAP to check is given number palindrome?
  7. WAP to find prime numbers in a given range?
  8. WAP to print even odd numbers using 2 threads?

Array Programs:

  1. WAP (Write a program) to find duplicate elements in an array?
  2. WAP to find the 2nd largest number in an array(largest & smallest in an unsorted array, kth smallest or kth largest)?
  3. WAP to check equality of 2 arrays?
  4. WAP to find the pair of elements whose sum is equal to the given number?
  5. WAP to find continuous sub array whose sum is given number?
  6. WAP to find the intersection of 2 arrays?
  7. Separate the 0s and 1s in the array?
  8. Find the missing number in an array?
  9. WAP to find the occurrence of each element in an array?
  10. Reverse an array?
  11. Remove duplicate elements from an array?
  12. Find common elements in 3 sorted arrays?
  13. Find 1st repeating element in an array?
  14. Find 1st non-repeating element in an array?
  15. Rearrange the number alternate on positive and negative?
  16. Merge 2 sorted arrays?
  17. Subarray with maximum sum?
  18. Maximus stock profit array problem?
  19. Maximum plateform problem?
  20. Find the next greater number in an array?
  21. Replace the element with the next greater number in the array?
  22. ReversalArrayRotation problem?
  23. Find the maximum product of a subarray?
  24. Find the leaders in array?

String Programs:

  1. Check strings are anagram or not?
  2. Reverse a string?
  3. Reverse a string sentence?
  4. Is given string Palindrome?
  5. Find the longest length character and count (I am a developer (ch=developer, length -9))
  6. Count all the characters in a string and occurrence of each? (Distinct element)
  7. Remove duplicate from a string?
  8. String pattern matcher?
  9. Find the Longest Common prefix in string array?

Sorting & Searching Programs:

  1. Selection sort.
  2. Quick sort.
  3. Bubble sort
  4. Insertion sort.
  5. Merge sort.
  6. Binary Search algorithm
  7. Search element in a sorted and rotated array?
  8. Find the index of minimum element in a sorted rotated array?

Design Patterns Programs:

  1. Create a Singleton class?
  2. WAP for builder design pattern?
  3. WAP for composite design pattern?
  4. WAP for facade design pattern?
  5. WAP for factory and abstract factory design pattern?

Linked List Doubly Linked List & Circular Linked List Programs:

  1. Create a linked list?
  2. Print the linked list?
  3. Find the length of the linked list?
  4. Insert an element at the beginning?
  5. Insert an element at last?
  6. Add a new node after a given node?
  7. Insert the node at a given position?
  8. Delete the head node?
  9. Delete the last node?
  10. Reverse a linked list?
  11. Detect the loop in the linked list?
  12. Find the node from where the linked list is looped?
  13. Remove the loop in the linked list?
  14. Find the middle element of the linked list?
  15. Find the nth element from the last linked list?
  16. Remove duplicate elements in the linked list?
  17. The intersection point of 2 linked lists?
  18. Print linked list from the last?
  19. Segriate even-odd list?

Queue Programs:

  1. Create a queue?
  2. In queue the element?
  3. De queue the element?
  4. Print the queue?
  5. Queue using 2 stacks?

Stack Programs:

  1. Create a stack?
  2. Push pop peek operations?
  3. Get element in O(1)?
  4. Print the stack?

Tree Programs:

  1. Create a binary Tree?
  2. PreOrder,InOrder PostOrder travesal?
  3. Height of binary tree?
  4. Level order & Vertical order traversal?
  5. DFS & BFS?
  6. The mirror image of the tree?
  7. Min and Max Depth?
  8. Left, Right & Top, Bottom view of a binary tree?

These are some programs that can help you in your upcoming interviews





Senior Android App Developer | Startup | Product base | Java | Kotlin | MVVM | Architecture components | Android Blogger

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Aalishan Ansari

Aalishan Ansari

Senior Android App Developer | Startup | Product base | Java | Kotlin | MVVM | Architecture components | Android Blogger

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